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How Flowers Make A Great Visual Impact For Live Stream Weddings

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in more than a year of upheaval and disruption to weddings as we used to know it. Over the course of the last 18months, we have gone from 10 pax wedding ceremony only – to wedding receptions of 50 pax, then to 100 pax, and down to 50 pax ceremony only again. Who knows what the next few months will bring, or when and how regulations will change. 

Immediately after the Singapore Circuit Breaker in 2019, we decorated a church wedding which had only 10 pax. The bridal couple decided to decorate the church with flowers as though there were more than 100 pax. The bride, Yining, told us that theirs is a live stream wedding and she wanted to make it as memorable as possible, even though there were only 10 pax allowed at the ceremony. And thus with limitations on the number of guests at weddings, depending on which Phase we are in, live stream wedding ceremonies has become the new norm.

We have decorated many weddings in this pandemic, but it was only when Edwin & Mae shared with us their live stream wedding video, did we see for ourselves how great a visual impact the wedding flowers made in the video. The flowers framed the couple beautifully throughout the ceremony, the flowers were visible in almost every angle of the entire video, and the flowers created such a lovely celebratory mood and a joyous ambience for their wedding.

For the purpose of this blog, below are some screenshot captures of Edwin & Mae’s live stream wedding, to illustrate how wedding flowers play a significant role in the overall look and feel of the wedding ceremony.

Live streaming weddings will be here to stay for awhile. Even though wedding guest numbers are limited, it is worthwhile to opt for more wedding flowers because the floral décor greatly enhances the visuals of the live stream ceremony.  And the best thing about live stream weddings is the unlimited number of family relatives, friends, colleagues in Singapore and overseas, who can be a part of your very special day.  They can enjoy and see up close and personal all the details of your beautiful wedding ceremony. 


Bridal Couple – Edwin & Mae

Live Stream – Project X

Flowers – Crafting Happyness by Blooming Garden Pte Ltd