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Popular Types of Bridal Bouquets

For the brides-to-be, there are many different types of bridal bouquets to choose from and sometimes it can be mind-boggling. We hope that this blog will serves as a quick overview of the various styles that our readers can consider for their big day.  Our brides usually who us pictures (from the internet) of bridal bouquets they fancy, and we will either replicate or adapt to those pictures using imported flowers that we can source either directly from overseas or locally.  The bridal bouquets you see in this blog are all created for our bridal customers over the years.

Round bouquet

The most popular type of bridal bouquet has always been the round bouquet. This bouquet is relatively neat and generally arranged in a round shape. The limitations end there. The round bouquet offers endless design possibilities because of the wide variety of flowers, fillers and foliage we can use for this round shape.  It lends itself to a diversity of colours and look, ranging from the subtle to the sophisticated. A highly versatile bouquet for brides of all sizes, and it works with every single type of wedding dress silhouette, which makes the round bouquet one of the most popular bridal bouquet style.

Hand-Tied Bouquet

The hand-tied bouquet is also in a general round shape, however, it allows for parts of filler flowers or foliage to overflow out of the round shape, so you end up with a more interesting round bouquet with frills and thrills. The idea behind the hand-tied bouquet is as if you walked through a garden gathering flowers and putting them together as you go along. Therefore we want to see the natural flow of the flowers and foliage, allowing them to flow out of the bouquet and dance around with movement.  With greater texture and movement in a round shape, this bouquet draws attention to the bride and works well with most bridal gowns. A lot of our brides love this bouquet style because it looks so natural and reminds them of wild flowers growing in a meadow.


The nosegay is simply a pared down version of the round bouquet, retaining the interesting texture of different flower types, but in a tight, petite and lightweight version, making it much easier to carry around. The nosegay is befitting for a simple ceremony, perhaps a solemnization at the Registry of Marriage, or a micro-wedding (in our current Covid era). The nosegay is particularly suitable for petite brides, as it is smaller, about half the size of a round bouquet, hence it does not overwhelm the bride. It is also favoured by minimalist brides who prefer subtlety over extravagance.

Fan-Shape Bouquet

The fan-shape bouquet has the flowers and foliage fanned out, and is generally viewed from one direction, as opposed to the round bouquet that looks great from 360 degrees. This is a recent style that is gaining popularity real quick, and it reminds me a little of the old-school crescent shape bouquet.  This bouquet lends itself to an au naturale look, hence this style works well with simpler wedding gowns of lesser details and cleaner lines, e.g. an A-line dress, a mermaid or a sheath dress. Contrasted against an elegant and uncomplicated dress, the fan-shape bouquet looks pretty outstanding.

Cascading Bouquet

The cascading bouquet has flowers cascading downwards and is typically large and long. This bouquet has a grand royal look and is more suitable for taller brides who can carry off the long bouquet given their height. Orchids as well as other softer stem flowers/foliages are often featured in cascading bouquets because of their pliability and natural flow. This bouquet style is perfect for brides who want to make a grand impression, or brides who love the traditional classic and grand elegance that is evergreen.

Teardrop Bouquet

The teardrop bouquet is a smaller and shorter version of the cascading bouquet. It is lighter and easier to carry around, but still retains some aspect of the royal “Princess” bouquet, e.g. British Princess Kate’s and Princess Eugenie’s bridal bouquets. The teardrop bouquet is elegant and chic, suitable for brides of all physique. Brides who prefer something classic with a modern twist can consider the teardrop bouquet, which also works well with every gown silhouette.

Single Bloom Bouquet 

The single bloom bridal bouquet consists of mainly one flower type. This is a style for minimalist brides who has a preference for their favorite flower only. The single bloom bridal bouquet is usually round, arranged tightly and is relatively petite in size.

Monochrome Bouquet

The monochrome bouquet is usually a round and tight arrangement of 2-3 types of flowers in the tone, shade, tint of a single hue. For brides who prefer a cleaner look, without too many colours or textures in their bouquets. The monochrome bouquet goes well with wedding gowns that have elaborate, intricate details, e.g. lace, embroidery, beadings and crystals, because it doesn’t take attention away from the extravagant gown, but is a subtly companion instead.

Looking at the eight popular styles of bridal bouquets above , each one of them has its own alluring beauty. As the saying goes, “different strokes for different folks” – no single style surpasses another. It is a matter of your personal preference as a bride. and you should get to choose any bouquet that makes you happy on your special big day!