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999 Red Roses Centerpiece

It isn’t everyday that we get a request for 999 roses. 99 roses bouquets are common enough but a 999 red roses centerpiece comes once in a blue moon. We were definitely excited about this project but at the same time a tad nervous because the delivery was a day before Valentine’s Day, which occurred after the 2nd day of the Chinese New Year.  This adversely affected the supply and cost of red roses during February 2021.

The situation was further compounded by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has already caused the prices of flowers to rise beyond anything we have seen in the last 20 years, and the reliability of flower supply is no longer like the pre-Covid days.

Suffice to say, when the roses we ordered from Kenya arrived in good condition, in the midst of the Valentine’s Day scramble for red roses, we breath a sigh of relief! Half the battle was won when we could get our hands on quality flowers needed for the arrangement. Thereafter comes the laborious job of unpacking and de-thorning 1000+ red roses.

The 999 Red Roses Centerpiece was to be displayed at a wedding held at Capella. Whatever floral structure we were transporting, we had to make sure that it fitted through the narrowest doorway or lift doors, from the loading bay to the ballroom.  As this was a very large structure, we also had to figure out a way to transport it in parts and made sure that it was easily re-assembled in the final destination.

A day before delivery, we begin to arranged 999 red roses into the circular shaped that we envisioned. This was a very heavy structure because of the weight of the wet floral sponge, and the sheer number of roses, so a solid base structure was paramount. The challenge was to arrange the roses in such a way as to achieve depth visually and to also form a slight mound shape – we just didn’t want the centerpiece to look stiff and flat.

The entire centerpiece measured about 1.5m in diameter. Definitely no doorway or lift door width from the loading bay to the ballroom is more than 1.5m at Capella. So how did we transport it? Bit of a trade secret here – let’s just say we “divide & conquer” and then we re-assembled it, surrounded the centerpiece with ecualyptus leaves and covered the circumference neatly.

Our team was pleased with the final look and we were pretty sure that it made a huge impression at the wedding, especially since it was just a day before Valentine’s Day. What a fun and exciting endeavor!