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Asymmetrical Deconstructed Greenery Arch

Asymmetrical Deconstructed Greenery Arch – that is a mouthful – here’s a simple breakdown of what it is:

Asymmetrical – where there is a difference in length, width, height, shape etc. The structure on the right is thicker and wider than the one on the left.

Deconstructed – to deconstruct means to break down into components. So there arose, in recent years, a trend whereby instead of having a full arch, we have parts of an arch. How much of a full arch is a deconstructed arch? That’s entirely up to each wedding couple’s preference. Here we have the 2 sides of a circle arch, sans the joining top portion.

Greenery – as the word suggests, this means all green or mostly green, featuring foliage as the main component instead of flowers. Here in our arch, we kept the flowers to less than 20%. Just a little touch of blooms to bring some highlight and brighten up the arch.

For this wedding couple, the idea was to create a rainforest theme greenery arch, something different from the ones we have done previously which feature mainly eucalyptus varieties.  Hence we chose different types of green leaves that come in different shape, size and colour tone, so that we could create texture and the feel of how different plants grow randomly over each other in a rainforest.

This is an arch we really enjoyed creating because it was fun to work with many types of leaves and just layering them over each other. It may seem random, but all the leaves flow together seamlessly and naturally to the shape of the deconstructed arch.

We love it!