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Boutonnieres & Corsages

We are proud of our boutonnieres and corsages because they are always skillfully made with the freshest blooms, in a variety of style that our bridal couples prefer.  Oftentimes we recommend matching the boutonnieres/corsages with the bridal bouquet design so that there is a theme that can be seen throughout the wedding flowers. You can view some of our boutonnieres and corsages on our wedding website.

For the gentlemen (groom, fathers, bestman, groomsmen), we make sure that the pin-on boutonnieres look elegant and substantial for the gentlemen’s suits. All our boutonniere and corsages comes with ribbons, unless our customers request to do without.

When it comes to the pin-on corsages for the ladies (moms, bridesmaids), we prefer to make them petite and light which is more suitable for what the ladies will be wearing.  Ladies’ dresses/blouses are often of more delicate material and any weighty pin-on corsage is going to sag and not sit well on the dress/blouse.  Years of experience have taught us to select lightweight flowers and fillers, and deftly arrange them into delicate corsages for moms, bridesmaids and sisters.

We also do just as many wrist corsages for bridesmaids, sisters etc, and again, we keep these wrist corsages as lightweight as possible, but with enough volume to cover the ladies’ wrist.

Another aspect of our personalized services is that we make the effort to differentiate the groom’s boutonniere from the bestman/groomsmen, as well as differentiating the boutonniere/corsages for the bridal couple’s parents. We just feel that it will be nice if different important people in the bridal couple’s lives have flowers that are a little special for them.

Traditionally (perhaps more than a decade ago) a form of safety pin was how boutonniere/corsages were attached to the jacket or blouse.  Today, we prefer to use the magnetic pin-on for our boutonnieres & corsages. The advantage being that the magnetic version is less likely to snag a thread on your expensive jacket or dress.

We also understand that it is not intuitive for folks to know how to use a magnetic pin-on boutonniere or corsage. All the more so on the morning of the wedding day when everyone is excited and perhaps even a little nervous, the last thing they want to do is to fiddle with the boutonniere/corsage or get frustrated while putting them on.

Hence we came up with a quick tutorial on how to attach a magnetic boutonniere/corsage to your clothing.

Key points to note:

  1. Always slide the 2 magnetic pieces apart – do not try to pry them apart.
  2. Always make sure that the boutonniere/corsage is positioned upright as you look into a mirror while attaching it onto your jacket or dress.

The boutonniere or corsage may be small flowers in the wedding, but it is worn by the next most important people, i.e. the groom, the parents of the couple, and the couple’s closest friends. Therefore these are important flowers that warrants some attention. View more of the boutonnieres and corsages we’ve done at our wedding website.